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Our Park Hotel Work Family

BWC training, building on Flynn Hotel famous service model and diligent attention to detail, ensuring our new procedures are delivered in a thoughtful, attentive manner that balances guest safety with personal reassurance and comfort.

Our employees who are a vital part of the Park Hotel Family will be undergoing behavioural training, ensuring empathetic, personalized care and connection are not lost in the absence of close contact and limited face to face interaction.

The BWC committee will be advising on the training program for all Our Work family including: ensuring they have a well-informed understanding of the disease and its transmission; providing guidance on appropriate social distancing and any local health guidelines around the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment will be strictly adhered to; as well as physical and mental health monitoring and support.

A robust handwashing program is in place with all employees required to thoroughly wash their hands every 30-60 minutes, with records kept.

We will provide all our work family members with a “Because We Care” Pack containing a reusable face covering, personal hand sanitiser, disinfectant and disposable gloves.