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Waterford Greenway Accommodation

Park Hotel Dungarvan on The Greenway

The Waterford Greenway is a spectacular 46km off-road cycling and walking trail along an old railway line between Dungarvan and Waterford.

Perfect for family breaks in Waterford, enjoy a beautiful journey across three tall viaducts from the river to the sea. The start of the Greenway is just around the corner from The Park Hotel in Dungarvan which makes us the best Waterford greenway accommodation choice for your holidays. You can walk, cycle or run the Greenway what ever way you want! 

Greenway Pacakages

Your Greenway Adventure

Begin your epic journey at the start of Ireland's Copper Coast as you step out of The Park Hotel and straight onto the Greenway. 

From here it's a 25min cycle to Scartore, passing by beautiful beaches such as Clonea Strand.

Continuing from Scartore, a 35min cycle will allow one to view some of the nicest scenery on the entire Greenway: The Ballyvoyle Tunnel and The Ballyvoyle Viaduct. Each providing it's own unique setting it's one of a kind in Ireland and something one would be sure never to forget!

Arriving at Kilmacthomas you are now roughly halfway! Set off from here over the viaduct through beautiful valleys with spectacular views of the Comeragh mountains to the north. Cross over Durrow Viaduct and past ivy-covered Durrow Station where ruins of the old railway platform and waiting rooms still stand. (Est Cycle - 1hr 20min)

Enjoy tranquil silence then as you move through lush and dense Waterford countryside, moving ever closer to the end of The Greenway at Waterford City. (Est Cycle - 1hr 20min)

The final section of the Greenway offers some beatiful snippets of Irish culture as you pass the beautiful Mount Congreve, see medieval ruins of a Norman Castle, and go through woodlands before arriving at the Waterford Suir Valley heritage train. From here then it's on towards Waterford City and the end of your Greenway Adventure. (Est Cycle - 1hr) 

Click Here to View Waterford Greenway Map


Tips For The Greenway

As always, safety is of the utmost importance! At The Park hotel we can provide most of the care items you will need, however here are some tips for the Waterford Greenway.

  • Hire A Bike - We here at The Park Hotel have you covered, with bike rentals available through The Greenway Man Bicycle Hire.
  • Pack Smart - The Greenway is a 46km cycle so it is quite the trek! Be sure to pack items such as water, phone chargers and snacks for the trip.
  • Sunscreen - Much of the Greenway is exposed to the elements so protecting oneself is essential.
  • Pace Yourself - Sometimes less is more, why not take the 'short option' and cycle Dungarvan to Durrow on The Greenway, easily one of the most beautiful sections.
  • Dont be afraid to linger - Dungarvan offers some of the most picturesque beaches and quaint pubs in the entire south east, so why not stay a bit longer and enjoy the scenery.


The Park Hotel Greenway Packages


For more informaction on videos, maps and different ways to undertake this epic 46km journey from the doorstep of The Park Hotel Dungarvan visit the Waterford Greenway site here and let your adventure begin.


When it comes to a place to stay near the Waterford Greenway look no further than the Park Hotel Dungarvan.